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Monday, January 26, 2015

On the F

On the F

I was on the F train uptown from East Village when an old man got on the train. There were no more seats available, so I decided to give up my seat and offer it to him. I didn't expect the response, though: the man said thanks and told me that I have a great respect for the elderly.

Having just been to an amazing show, I must admit, I was close to having a sentimental moment after that small encounter - but when the train briefly stopped in Rockafeller station, there was this weird hobo lady who walked back & forth the carriage and then lit and smoked a cigarette when the train started to move again, to the annoyance of everyone.

The universe probably told me not to overdramatise things.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Movie World, Gold Coast

I am elated. Blogging again. :D

We wanted to visit Wet & Wild Water theme park on our weekend in Gold Coast and found out that for 30 AUD more (the ticket costs 70 AUD), we'd get a pass that will let us in 3 attractions! So, after a Saturday afternoon playing in the waters of Wet & Wild, we spent our Sunday in Movie World, even if we're not really the daredevil, ride-hungry folks you'll ever meet. One may argue that it was a waste of time and money for us - but considering I have been to Universal Studios in Singapore for 3 times to entertain friends from all over, I would disagree - I went there for the photo opportunities.

Upon entering the complex, one gets welcomed by the terror that is the Green Lantern ride. It looks scary, considering it had heaps of upside-down moments (oh, just remembering the joyful screams makes my stomach turn again), but it looks definitely exciting. Since we've established that we were not really the roller-coaster folks, we went to the very first attraction that attracted us - a lunch buffet, lol.

Not that we didn't ride or went to an show or anything. I definitely enjoyed the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 show where they staged this elaborate shooting of a trailer for a movie with tons of aerial motorcycle acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and smoke coming from the race cars drifting. It was very fun to watch (and take photos of - I snapped away like crazy) and I could see the kids definitely enjoying this.

Movie World is definitely a nice place to entertain the kids. I could see my nieces and nephews forcing me to ride the coasters with them - of course, since they are the bosses, they would definitely win.

After riding the 3D Justice League, it was time for us to head back to Surfers Paradise to get our stuff and fly back to Sydney, only to find out that our flight got cancelled. It was alright, because I got to straddle the QLD-NSW border that night.

Movie World 1
Movie World 2
Movie World 3
Movie World 4
Movie World 5
Movie World 6
Movie World 7
Movie World 8

Movie World is located along the Pacific Motorway in Oxenford, Queensland. It's an area where most of the theme parks of Gold Coast are located. From Surfers' Paradise, you can take bus TX2 (an express one, with only 6-7 stops from recollection).

Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia
Camera Used:
Canon 1D Mark II
March 16, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kiama, NSW

I spent Australia Day last Sunday by visiting the lovely town of Kiama, south of Wollongong. I took the train from Sydney Central, and I was pleasantly surprised that during Australia Day, the train tickets were cheaper, so I was able to get a round trip ticket for only 11 AUD! I haven't eaten anything that time, so I bought meat pie and a slice of Lamington as my packed lunch which I consumed while I was on the train. (Side note, it was my first time trying out lamingtons, and I enjoyed it a lot! hehe)

The trip south to Kiama was beautiful. The train snakes along the South Coast of NSW and you get to see the mountains and the vast sea. Once the train reached Kiama, I walked to the Blow Hole Point and wandered around the cliffs, watching the strong wind pound the waves onto the rocks of the shore. Of course, I watched the famous Blow Hole (a natural formation of rock where the force of water from the sea can push the water into this hole which blasts water up to 25 metres) in action, and the sound effects of the tourists' "ooh's", "wow's!" and "aah's" added to the experience. It was really awesome.

I must admit, though, that I was more gravitated towards the cliffs and the rocks on the side of the Blow Hole Point. It had no barriers, so one had to be extra careful walking around the small bushes, especially when observing the waves thrashing below. I must have sat there for at least an hour, just mesmerised by the sights and the sounds of the sea.

I waited for the sunset before heading back to Sydney by listening to Triple J's Top 100 and eating Fish and Chips (naturally, hehe).

Side Note: I did spent a couple of minutes trying to get a selfie with my camera, which when using an SLR is a difficult feat! (LOL). I really need to find my willing models again, asap. I miss taking portraits!

Kiama 1
Kiama 2
Kiama 3
Kiama 4
Kiama 5
Kiama 6
Kiama 7

Kiama is a train ride away from Sydney Central. It goes through Wollongong, and it takes around 2 and a half hours to get there.

Kiama, NSW, Australia
Camera Used:
Canon 1D Mark II
January 26, 2014

Monday, December 23, 2013

Carols in the Domain, Sydney

We spent our Saturday evening in the city to experience the annual Carols in the Domain. The main event starts at 8:30, but people have started camping up with their tents well early that day. As we entered the grounds around 5 in the afternoon, the good spots have already filled up with mats and picnic goers so we opted to choose a place where there's less people but with an obscured view of the stage.

When the show officially started, I officially got introduced to The Wiggles, they're rock stars it seems especially for the kids! The kids (and their parents) would stand up while they were performing Christmas songs, and dance like we were in a huge music festival from the 60s (hence the tone of the photos below, lol). I especially love the time when almost everyone lit their candles up and it has become a sea of (mostly) red and green lights. Add that to traditional carol songs being performed on stage, one couldn't help but feel the holiday spirit.

By the time the sky got darker, the bats started flying, so everyone would caution everyone else not to look up with their mouths open or wear a hat for added protection from fresh guano. Of course, by luck would have it, I got poop-bombed at my back.

Bat pooping aside, it was a nice and fun family activity to go to, especially if you love hearing carol songs.

Carols in the Domain 1
Carols in the Domain 2
Carols in the Domain 3
Carols in the Domain 4
Carols in the Domain 5
Carols in the Domain 6
Carols in the Domain 7

Carols in the Domain has become an annual Christmas tradition here in Sydney. This year, this free event was sponsored by Woolworths.

The Domain, NSW, Australia
Camera Used:
Canon 1D Mark II
December 21, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday to my Blog!

... and as a gift, I decided to make the site's address to http://blog.tagofabic.com!

Some tech stuff needs to be completed for the new domain, but it's getting there - and I am stoked! A lot of backlog needs to be blogged too, so it's gonna be a busy December!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, y'all!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sydney Zombie Walk 2013

I was looking for Sydney events to go to last weekend and found out that the annual Sydney Zombie Walk was on. The idea of the undead walking was such an enticing photo opportunity, so come 3PM last Saturday, I took my gear and went to Hyde Park to see the walkers.

The north side of the park was where the walk started. A couple of minutes before it began, the facilitators (some of them were also zombies or zombie hunters - complete with chainsaw props and all) shouted "all zombies, you need to register now!", "proceed to the white tent or else you can't walk," or talking to us spectators, "the zombies need space! Please give them some room to walk!" which I thought was very hilarious.

While majority of the walkers were all out with their fake blood and dangling flesh, it would have been even better if everyone's into it while walking along Elizabeth Street. It's awesome that most of them were doing either the aggressive, attacking zombie walk or the blank-stared mindless walk; but the rest were just not really in the "zombie zone" and were just walking and chatting with each other. Nonetheless, it was a very fun activity to witness. There's this one tall guy who dressed as a French maid (he even had a bloody feather duster) and he was so scary walking just looking in one direction that I could almost hear him grunt as he walked with the rest of the undead.

It's also nice to know that this event is for charity, too - they're raising funds for the Australian Brain Foundation - and it has been going on for four years. I'm pretty sure though that in an (unlikely?) event of a real zombie apocalypse, we wouldn't be welcoming and cheering them on.

Sydney Zombie Walk 1
Sydney Zombie Walk 2
Sydney Zombie Walk 3
Sydney Zombie Walk 4
Sydney Zombie Walk 5
Sydney Zombie Walk 6
Sydney Zombie Walk 7
Sydney Zombie Walk 8
Sydney Zombie Walk 9
Sydney Zombie Walk 10
Sydney Zombie Walk 11
Sydney Zombie Walk 12
Sydney Zombie Walk 13
Sydney Zombie Walk 14
Sydney Zombie Walk 15
Sydney Zombie Walk 16

The Sydney Zombie Walk is an annual activity to help raise funds for the Australian Brain Foundation. This November 24, they will also have a laser tag event (you can come as a zombie or a zombie hunter) which sounds so exciting as well! More info here.

Hyde Park, NSW, Australia
Camera Used:
Canon 1D Mark II
November 2, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Floriade 2013, Canberra

Coming to Canberra to visit the Floriade flower festival is such a nice way to celebrate and acknowledge that spring has come. Commonwealth Park becomes filled with colour, people embrace the sun, and the flowers bloom to showcase beautiful patterns. We visited on a clear, bright day, and having to see this beautiful view just made it even better.

As I have learned after living in Australia for a couple of months now, the Aussies love their weekend markets, so it was no surprise that Floriade have an area dedicated for markets as well. I think was a strategic move for them to place it on the middle area, too - because in case one gets a bit overwhelmed by the tons of flowers, going to the market was a welcome break from all the colour.

At the end of the trail, you'll see the gnome patch, where kids from everywhere show off their hand-painted figurines.

Floriade 2013 1
Floriade 2013 2
Floriade 2013 3
Floriade 2013 4
Floriade 2013 5
Floriade 2013 6
Floriade 2013 7
Floriade 2013 8
Floriade 2013 9

Commonwealth Park is a couple of minutes walk away from the City Centre. It's a free event, but the parking across the area is not, so it is recommended to look for a free parking spot in the city centre itself and just walk to the venue.

Commonwealth Park, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Camera Used:
Canon 1D Mark II
September 21, 2013